Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sweet as honey

Rosh Hashana was made extra special by Megan's arrival in Israel! I am so excited to share this experience with one of my oldest friends! 

For Erev Roshana, we attended the services at school in the Murstein Synagouge at school. The rabbi spoke about making each moment count and it was a great reminder that my time here is short and to take advantage of each opportunity. 

Megan and I outside of school 

After services, Megan and I hosted dinner for some friends from school. Since some of us were feeling pretty homesick we tried hard to make it special! We made chicken soup, Moroccan chicken and noodle kugel. Yum! 

Our holiday table!

Two of our uspizin (guests) Maya and Jenn. 

The next morning we attended services at Kehillat Har El, a reform congregation in Jerusalem. After services we had a dessert picnic with honey and apple cakes. 

Megan and I at the picnic! 

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