Saturday, November 9, 2013

First wedding!

In October, I had the opportunity to go with my friend Jenn to her friends wedding. It was my first time going to a wedding, let alone a modern orthodox one. The wedding was at a bueatiful outdoor restaurant, overlooking the hills of the west bank. My faveorite part of the wedding was that for each of the 7 brachot, the couple honored a friend or family member by having them read the blessing. I also loved that while someof the dancing was with a mechitza (the traditional separation of men and women) as the night evolved, their was also modern dancing. here are some pictures from the wedding:
my friend Jenn and I at the wedding

In my frum outfit for the wedding!

The wedding couple under the chuppa -so beautiful 

Another beautiful tradition - the bride and groom celebrating on chairs 

bride and groom dancing

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