Thursday, December 12, 2013

Southern tiyul

The third weekend in november, we went on a tiyul (overnight trip) to the south! 

On our first day, we explored work that is being done by JNF, Jewish National Fund, in the area. 

Our second stop, the indoor playground that they built in sderot, an area facing extreme rockets from the gaza strip was my favorite. We got to see the facilities and learn about the lives of the people who live there 

Also notable was the new park that the JNF is building in Beer Sheva. The area had been a garbage dump and they are resurrecting it to make it something beautiful for the residents. 

The second day was our hike to Har Sholmo. To call it a hike is a bit of an understatement, for many parts a mountain climb would be a much more fitting name. It was a great way to bond with my classmates, and the view from the top was totally worth it. 

On Friday, we started the day by visiting Kibbutz Lotan, an Kibbutz that places special emphasis on conserving resources and curbing waste. It was so cool to learn about their farming, use of waste and see their approach to using the land. 

That afternoon was my first time snorkeling, when we went to the coral reefs in Eilat. I had never done anything like it and would definitely do it again. The peace and beauty was surreal!

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