Saturday, July 20, 2013

First week of Summer term!

This week was the first week of classes for summer term. I have hebrew uplan four days a week, biblical history 2 (sometimes three with field trips) days a week and cantillation and education each once a week.

On Thursday we had out first siyul (day trip) for biblical history. We traveled to three lookouts to see the natural geography of the region.

Our first stop was Nabi Samuel National Park; it has been a mosque, church, synagogue and was a lookout point for the Crusaders
From this view the Crusaders first saw Jerusalem. Nebi Samuel recently begun excavations and stables were found. 

my friend Jenn and I at Nebi Samuel 

Our second site was the Ramlat Rachel archeology gardens. Researchers are not sure whose settlement this was but we know they had cisterns for water and had a view of Bethlehem. 

Cool structure with olive trees on top. Naturally, we had to climb it!

Our last stop was haas promenade, which as you can see, as a gorgeous view of Jerusalem and the old city. Fun fact: hadn't been here since I was on birthright! 



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