Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hebrew success!!!

On Wednesday, Allie and I went to the post office. It was perfect timing because we had just learned in class lots of new words to use! We made a pact that we would only speak Hebrew when we went to buy stamps to send postcards and letters to Hebrew. The first obstacle we were presented with was knowing where to go; when you walked in there were two rooms and we had to ask the security guard where to go to buy stamps. I asked "anachnu tzrichim bulim, smoalo or yamin (we need stamps, left or right?)". The biggest obstacle we had was figuring out which stamps we needed to buy to sent to America because all the labels were in Hebrew. Allie impressively found one that said "chutz la aretz" meaning outside of the land. We purchased our stamps, dropped our mail in the box and celebrated our success with iced coffee!

Handy Post Office words:

Bul - stamp
Doar - mail/post
ch'vilah - package 
may'ahtafah - envelope
tivat doar - mailbox 

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